*** Rev Steve Wayne Ministeries is a ministry of Rev. Steve Ballinger and his wife Sharon. Together, they have been walking a spiritual path for almost  thirty years. They delight in sharing their unique style and passion for all of God’s creation.

Steve is a traditionally ordained non-denominational minister and fully licensed and qualified to officiate all ceremonies- Protestant/Catholic, formal/informal, Justice of the Peace style, etc.

Gathering experience in the classroom, public speaking, home share groups and crusade meetings our non denominational approach allows us to work with all individuals. We believe that marriage is ordained by God and to be respected by all.

We enjoy life and love, having been married since 1991.

Steve provides clergy services to hospitals, nursing homes, and loves officiating at weddings, celebration of life ceremonies, and memorials.

Rev. Ballinger graduated from Crichton College in 1990 with majors in Theology/Bible, Christian Psychology, and later in Teacher Education.

Steve has served as a senior minister, temperament counselor, chaplain speaker, and teacher.

Pastor Steve was first commissioned as a counselor in 1995 and then Ordained as a Pastor in 2004. He was reactivated from retirement as an ordained minister in 2018. Pastor Steve’s wife, Sharon, also shares his passion for the Lord by assisting with wedding ceremonies, counseling, teaching, and praying for others.

Officiant Steve can be contacted by voice/SMS at 901-436-0030 or email today to discuss your officiant needs.

Rev Steve Wayne Ministries

Cell: 901-436-0030


Clergy services for the Memphis and north Mississippi areas

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