Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been officiating & where is my ordination?

My name is Rev Steve Ballinger and I am an ordained Christian minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers. I was originally ordained in 1995 with the National Conservative Christian Church located in Sarasota, Florida which closed in 2019.

Where do you provide clergy services?

Anywhere in Shelby, Marshall, and DeSoto County- be it an event center, restaurant, county court house, hospital, nursing home, or officiate at a wedding, life celebration, or baptism. Wherever it’s legal.

I need a minister to officiate my wedding. Can I personalize the wedding ceremony?

Yes – The way I work is that I like to meet with you before the wedding to get to know you a little and to talk about the ceremony. I have a binder that I’ve put together that has all the ceremony parts in it. When we meet, I will explain all of the parts and how they fit into the ceremony. We can talk about any questions you have at that time and I will start your planning paperwork. You and your

fiancé will get to go through my pre-composed Ceremony scripts, make your selections and customize it to suit how you two feel about each other. On the day of the wedding, I will show up at least 1-hour beforehand to review your parts and try to set you at ease. I’m very flexible about what kind of ceremonies I’ll do.

My fiance(e) and I come from two different church backgrounds. Are you able to help us?

Yes! The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook For The ‘Planning-Impaired‘ has been very helpful for thousands of ministers and brides across the United States and help you also!

We would like to have a religious wedding ceremony, are you able to do that?
Yes, as your wedding officiant I am an ordained, non-denominational Christian minister and perform religious ceremonies.

Can we involve children in the ceremony?
Of course!

How do we book you?
Simply contact me to check my availability and to set up the best time so we can discuss your needs. If you are engaged and need wedding officiant services I can explain all of the ceremony parts and how they fit. We can talk about any questions you have at that time.

How much do you charge? –$65- $150 all inclusive- attendance at rehearsal and wedding, customizing the script, travel inside Desoto county, wedding certificate and other materials.

Clergy services for the Memphis and north Mississippi areas

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