My wedding ministry is part of my vision to support and nurture families. It is with great joy that I offer this vital ministry. To help couples out, I offer the following guidelines:

SETTING THE DATE – The way I work is that I like to meet with the bride and groom before the wedding to get to know each other a little and to talk about the ceremony. I have a binder that I’ve put together that has all the ceremony parts in it. When we meet, I will explain all of the parts and how they fit into the ceremony. We can talk about any questions you have at that time.

THE REHEARSAL – Many couples find that the Officiant/Clergy is not needed. I can attend if necessary, and the fee is $50.

WEDDING LOCATION– Please secure a location as soon as possible and inform me.

ADDITIONAL OFFICIATE/CLERGY – I assume I will be your only Officiate but, if you wish to have another clergy participate, you may discuss this with me before or during your first appointment. I am very open to having another clergy share in the wedding ceremony.

MUSIC – It is your responsibility to contact a Music Minister/DJ several weeks in advance of the ceremony.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY – Shoot away! But please don’t distract the couple or me. Really it depends on them.


Unity Candle – If you wish to include a Unity Candle in the wedding, it is your responsibility to provide one.

Aisle Runners – If you want an aisle runner, you or your florist must provide one.

Receiving Line – You may have your wedding receiving line if there is not another wedding immediately following your ceremony.

Formal Picture – You may use the wedding location for formal photography before or after your ceremony and are encouraged to do so.

MARRIAGE LICENSE – You must have a marriage license to be married. You may obtain a license from the county court clerk. Both the bride and the groom must be present. Check with the issuing authority for expiration. It best to bring the marriage license with you on the evening of your rehearsal or before. I cannot perform the marriage without it. After the wedding, I will sign and mail the license to the issuing authority. You will not automatically receive an official copy of your Certificate of Marriage. You must apply for this where you applied for your license. There is usually a nominal charge (about $10 to $25, varying by location) for each copy.

FEES FOR WEDDINGS – $65 – $150 all inclusive total

With a 50% deposit to hold your date, you will leave with a copy of Rev Steve’s “Tie The Knot” Ceremonies which has all the ceremony parts in it with explanations for how each part fits into the ceremony.

The balance is due the day of. (More may be added for travel outside of DeSoto County.)

Clergy services for the Memphis and north Mississippi areas

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