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Rev Steve Wayne Ministeries is a ministry of Rev. Steve Ballinger and his wife Sharon. Together, they have been walking a spiritual path for almost  thirty years. They delight in sharing their unique style and passion for all of God’s creation. Steve is a traditionally ordained non-denominational minister and fully licensed and qualified to officiate all ceremonies- Protestant/Catholic, formal/informal, Justice of the Peace style, etc. Gathering experience in the classroom, public speaking, home share groups and crusade meetings our non denominational approach allows us to work with all individuals. We believe that marriage is ordained by God and to be respected by all.  We enjoy life and love, having been married since 1991.

Ordination/Authority to Officiate

National Association of Christian Ministers Ordination

We, the National Association of Christian Ministers have considered your request for the recognition of ordination. The following is an official report of our decision. We are convinced that you hold a devout belief in the Christian faith, accompanied by a calling of service to our God in the ministry of His Kingdom. You cleared our background investigation. Upon prayerful consideration, the sincerity of your testimony passed the scrutiny of our Elder Council. Therefore, by the authority given to us in Christ (Matthew 28:19-20), this religious organization hereby validates your calling by holding you to the responsibilities, expectations, holy rites, and conduct of an Ordained Independent Minister of the Gospel.

NACM Help Desk Fellowship: Spirit Shop: National Association of Christian Ministers 2123 Old Spartanburg Rd., #303 Greer, SC 29650

Ceremony Specials

Tie The Knot Ceremonies

Choose one of my “Tie The Knot” bundles which includes your choice of one of (8) six pre-composed vows/services with customized add-ons Officiant at rehearsal (subject to availability)


Tie The Knot #1 (My favorite Ceremony)

Tie The Knot #2 (Short & Simple- under 5 minutes, not really for a formal wedding)

Tie The Knot #3 (a little humor added)

Tie The Knot #4 (A slightly religious Ceremony)

Tie The Knot #5 (A one Minute Ceremony Mostly for my version of the Justice of the Peace and the Legal Signing of documents)